About GoSafe

The Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership was established in 2009 following the merger of the North Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership and the Mid & South Wales Safety Camera Partnership. Our aim is to support the Government's targets through reducing the number of people Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) in traffic collisions on our roads. Engineering, Education and Speed Enforcement are the tools we use to improve drivers' compliance with speed limits and increase understanding of the dangers/consequences of excessive speeding. Every driver has the potential to make a difference by simply observing speed limits and driving appropriately to the prevailing road conditions.

Speed almost always plays a significant part in the outcome of a road traffic collision. It is a tragedy when anyone is killed or injured on the roads, but it is double the tragedy if it could have been prevented. Many collisions could be avoided entirely, or at least have the severity reduced, through effective speed management. This would reduce the number of casualties.

The Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership has worked alongside partner organisations to help reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

At camera sites casualties have been reduced by 72% - we are reducing speeds to save lives.

So where are the cameras?

The safety cameras in Wales are clearly visible. If you look on our website www.gosafe.org you will find details of all fixed and mobile camera sites throughout Wales.

Our aim is to make Welsh roads safer and reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads. You can help us to achieve this aim, all you have to do is keep to the speed limits.

The average estimated cost to the public for injuries on the roads is:

Accident/Casualty Type Cost Per Casualty Cost Per Accident
Fatal 1,585,510 1,790,200
Serious 178,160 205,060
Slight 13,740 21,370
Average for all severities 47,740 68,320
Damage only - 1,880

Source DfT, Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: 2010 Annual Report

And don't forget the human cost of each casualty; the pain and suffering of those involved in a collision and their families. So think again about how much this van is worth.

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